Reptile Adoption Application: CLICK HERE

How to Adopt a Reptile: 

Here at Tails and Scales Animal Rescue we do our best to ensure all animals get placed into their forever homes. We’ve established a secure process to assure all animals will be placed into homes that will be suited best for them and allow them to live happily ever after. If you’re interested in an animal we require an application to be placed. If your application is suitable for the animal you’re inquiring about we will contact you to set up a meeting where you can actually meet the animal! If the meet goes well, along with all other possible concerns addressed, there will be a final adoption procedure. If you are outside of the Southern California area you may still apply but understand we will still need you to meet the reptile in person before we adopt a reptile out. Currently we do not ship reptile through plane or other mode of transportation. 


We start with a simple online application! The application asks a series of questions which will provide more information about your home environment and experience in pet ownership. We do this to make sure the animal you’re interested in will mesh well with your current lifestyle and “wants” in the perfect pet. Of course, this is also to make sure that the Adopter is prepared to give the animal a good home for the rest of the animal’s life.

The Meet: 

After the application we will set up a meeting time for you to come meet us and the animal. At this stage we will make sure that the animal you’re interested in is what you’re expecting and that you’re both fitting for one another. We are happy to do multiple meets to make sure that everyone will have a happy life post-adoption! We do require a picture of the reptiles new enclosure as well. 


After the home check is completed there’s the Final Adoption. At this stage the Adopter will sign a basic contract agreeing to provide care for the animal and to never relinquish the animal to a county shelter. If you can no longer provide for your animal we will ALWAYS take the animal back – no questions asked. You’ll receive a copy of all the animal’s medical records(If there is any) and a sample of what the animal has been eating. Our adoption fees are as follows: 

$50 for General Reptiles 

$125 for Exotic Reptiles

After the Adoption:

If the Adopter ever has questions or needs assistance we are here to help! If under any circumstances you are unable to provide a proper home, or if something happens and the adoption ends up not being suitable for your home or lifestyle, please let us know. We will gladly take the animal back! (And REQUIRE they come to us, they cannot be sold or given away)

As always we are happy to answer any questions you may have!