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 Tails and Scales Animal Rescue is a foster based, volunteer run, 501(c) 3 non-profit animal rescue located in the Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California. Tails and Scales rescues many different types of animals, including (but not limited to) Dogs, Cats, Snakes, Lizards, & Bunnies. We set ourselves apart from many rescues by providing training and support before and after every adoption. We are a loving organizations who wants their animals to thrive in their forever homes.



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Sansa ~ Adopted February 2nd 2018

~Sansa~ Sansa was adopted February 2nd 2018  after spending 29 days with us

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Black Widow~ Adopted January 28th 2018

~Black Widow~ Black Widow was adopted January 28th 2018  after spending 58 days with us

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Axl~ Adopted January 27th 2018

~Axl~ Axl, now Bullet was adopted January 27th 2018  after spending 14 days with us

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Gabrielle ~ Adopted January 15th 2018

~Gabrielle~ Gabrielle was adopted January 15th 2018  after spending 159 days with us

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Sven~ Adopted January 10th 2018

~Sven~ Sven was adopted January 10th 2018  after spending 98 days with us

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Thorn ~ Adopted January 5th 2017

~Thorn~ Thorn, now Brynley was adopted January 5th 2018  after spending 71 days with us

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